Easily convert .olm emails to .pst file format

Easily convert .olm emails to .pst file format with the free and powerful OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition and access Outlook Mac emails on Windows Outlook

Most people with internet access own at least one or more email accounts. This can be attributed to the fact that it is not easy to migrate emails from one email account to another. For instance, if you were looking to transfer your Outlook Mac emails to Windows Outlook, you might think that copying your .olm archive files to Windows will do the trick. However, this cannot be further from the truth. The .olm archive files is only accessible to Outlook Mac. As a result, Mac users seeking to view Outlook Mac OLM emails from Windows can only do so through a process known as email migration. Email migration is simply the process of converting email files such as OLM files to more compatible format such as the PST file format that is compatible with Windows. .olm to .pst email migration is a neat way of recovering emails from one account to another. Presently, the OLM to PST Converter comes as the best conversion engine for switching Outlook Mac emails to Windows Outlook.


The ultimate OLM to PST Converter ensures the safety of all email data while converting .olm emails to .pst while running directly on Mac

There are only one or two stable and effective .olm to .pst tools in the market that can guarantee the safety of your email data from corruption or loss during the conversion of .olm emails to .pst files. Among these few tools, the OLM to PST Converter ultimate edition is the best of them all. Note that email conversion of Outlook OLM to PST format is a delicate process that can lead to the corruption or even total loss of your email data. As a result, for a successful email conversion process, it all boils to having a stable, fast and effective email migration tool. The OLM to PST Converter is fitted with a powerful file conversion engine which effectively transfers your Outlook .olm files into Windows Outlook. This tool can easily handle the transfer of individual files or bulk files in just one sitting. Additionally, Mac users can choose to merge several .olm files before conversion to make one larger file that is easier to manage after the conversion process is complete. When moving .olm to .pst files using the OLM to PST Converter, you can choose to do it either manually or automatically. In the manual mode, this tool lets you decide the number of specific folders you want to convert from .olm to .pst. The automatic mode picks all the .olm files even if they are scattered on your database and quickly converts them to .pst format for Windows Outlook.

The OLM to PST Converter is equipped with more useful features for a smooth .olm to .pst conversion process

The OLM to PST Converter is capable of easily converting all .olm email attachments, contacts, email headers and even complex data types such as non-English and Unicode content. This features ensure that all the email data in your Outlook Mac Database is always safely converted and stored in the exact same folders as they were before so you can find them easily. The OLM to PST Converter has a demo version that allows you to convert up to 10 items .olm email files in each and every folder and sub-folder in your Outlook Mac 2011 database to Windows Outlook .pst format. After trying the demo version, it is time to install the full licensed version. It can perform endless .olm to .pst conversion in addition to many more features such as free and regular updates. Armed with the powerful and versatile graphical wizard, the whole migration process becomes fun, easy and self-explanatory.  http://www.olmtopstconverterultimate.com/

Install a copy of the OLM to PST Converter today and experience its conversion power at the comfort of your own home.  https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/56791/olm-to-pst-converter-ultimate


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